Action against ‘Scooter Louts’

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The SP wants that tougher actions will be taken against ‘scooter louts’. It must be made possible that Scooters, which drive too fast, can be fined by their number plate. Something which is not possible at this moment.

SP MP Frashad Bashir wil insist on that during a meeting of the House with Minister Ivo Opstelten of Security and Justice.

“The nuisance which scooters cause at the cycling paths of the large cities, like Amsterdam, is growing,” says Bashir. “This is very frustrating for bicyclists. I want drivers of scooters who drive too fast to be fined, for instance with a laser gun. At this moment we only look if there is messed with the machine. These investigations requests much more effort from the police than just fining them for speed.”