No Walk Along German Grave

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The walk along a German grave in Vorden on the 4th of May, which is the National Memorial Day for World War II victims, has been cancelled. The 4 May Committee of the town in eastern Netherlands announced this on Thursday.

The reason for the cancellation is a possible protest of 50 members of a committee founded by antifascists and former resistance fighters, Comité Vorden Fout, which might affect the dignity of the event. The committee is upset mainly about the fact that an official delegation of the municipality, including Mayor Aalderink, will take part in the walk. reports that participants can still choose to walk along the German grave, but that it is no longer part of the official program.

According to the chairman of the 4 May Committee, Vorden, the different parties have to make clear arrangements for future memorials. Last year a judge also prohibited the mayor to walk along the German grave. When appealed, the court of Arnhem reversed that decision.