No Longer Amsterdam Zuidoost

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'Amsterdam Zuidoost', starting May 1, 2014, will no longer be the official name for the district. Residents of Zuidoost will live from that moment on in just 'Amsterdam'.

On Tuesday, the Mayor and Aldermen decided to change the name 'Amsterdam Zuidoost'. This was done at the request of the board of the district council and the fractions of PvdA, VVD and GroenLinks.

Since the mid-1970s, the city of Amsterdam has had two residences. Amsterdam Zuidoost is slightly apart from the rest of the city, so at that time, it was decided, for pragmatic and logistical reasons, to make it a separate residence.

Emile Jaensch, alderman for Living, is pleased with the decision: "This division has annoyed me in recent years. Too often, I hear that there is no affordable housing in Amsterdam." Jaensch is sure that real estate sites Funda and Woningnet will show more results to anyone seeking with the keyword 'Amsterdam'.

The name change of the town Amsterdam Zuidoost is a huge administrative task because many files and addresses are linked together at institutions such as the Registry of Deeds. Many organizations and companies have to change the addresses in their administrations. To avoid chaos during its implementation, both place names can used until May 1 next year.