Cow Causes Noise Problem

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Last week, the first cows arrived at the Tosti Factory, which manufactures all the ingredients for tosti, a toasted sandwich with ham and cheese. reports that neighboring citizens are not pleased with the arrival of the cows because they seem to make much noise.

Dozens of complaints have been registered by local residents at Oostenburgereiland. The Tosti Factory reports that one particular cow, called Els, is the problem. “She has just been separated from her five-month-old calf and therefore lets out her heartbreaking sound.”

Last weekend, many of the locals went to the Tosti Factory to ask about the factory and the noise of the cows. “Angry residents came to us because they did not understand why a cow would make noise like this," reports Eva of the Tosti Factory. "But after hearing ‘the story of Els’, many did show some understanding."

The 'incident' with the cow Els is exactly what the Tosti Factory wants to achieve. “We want to investigate what happens when the urban and rural life come together. For instance, while we find it very strange that a cow makes so much noise, for people in the countryside, it is  normal that a cow gets upset when she and her calf are separated.”

The Tosti Factory expects the noise to be much less within two to three days. By then, Els will have grown accustomed to her new surroundings.