3-year-old Nana Murdered

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The man held responsible for the fatal fall of the three-year-old boy, Nana, in Amsterdam Zuidoost, will be charged with murder or manslaughter, according to the Office of the Public Prosecutor.

The judge of the Court of Amsterdam has extended  the trial detention of the 37-year-old man by two weeks. The suspect is the nephew of the Ghanaian father of the toddler Nana, who fell from the sixth floor of their Kikkenstein flat in Amsterdam Zuidoost  last Tuesday at around 11:00 pm.

The grave accusation by the prosecution is in contradiction with the opinion about the accident within the Ghanaian community in Amsterdam Zuidoost. The community think it was a dramatic accident, in which the suspect, as he was about to leave, playfully lifted the boy and pretended to take him with him.

The boy struggled and at the doorway managed to escape from the hands of his family member who was under the influence of alcohol. During the struggle the 37-year-old man lost his balance and saw the child disappear over the railing.

The Ghanaian community in Amsterdam Zuidoost have begun collecting money for the cost of the funeral as well as for legal help for the accused.

The parents of Nana, who died of his injuries shortly after his arrival at the AMC, were initially arrested but were released on Thursday. The 46-year-old father and his 27-year-old partner had nothing to do with the fatal fall, according to the police.