Toddler Falls Six Floors Down

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On Thursday night, a 3-year-old toddler died after falling from the sixth floor. The accident took place at the Kikkenstein flat  in Amsterdan Southeast. An eyewitness says that a drunken man threw the child from the flat.

Chris Gorleku (19) was the first to arrive at the boy called Nana. A child of Ghanaian descent, he was still alive then but died later in the hospital. Two men (37 and 46 years old) and a woman (27 years old) were arrested.

Gorleku was there when the father was taken in at the AMC by the police."The father told the police that a family member had thrown Nana from the flat. He said that he did not know if it was an accident,"  said the 19-year-old.

Gorleku was preparing food around 11 pm in his apartment on the seventh floor. His mother was watching a movie, and everything seemed normal. Then he heard a cry like a trumpet. He ran outside, looked down and saw a body lying below. A small body.

Ghanaian Reverend Emmanuel Koney from Amsterdam Southeast says that the drunk man is a cousin, who was playing on the gallery with Nana.

The situation reminds Koney of the incident where Michael Jackson hang out of a window with a baby in his arms.

“The nephew was joking with the child,” says Koney. There was no argument according to the Reverend. “The father was sick and the mother was inside, busy with the other children."

“It is terrible for the parents to lose their child and then being arrested at the same time,” says Koney. "They were not the one who dropped the child."

The Telegraph reports that the 3-year-old Nana was a victim of a voodoo ritual. Nana was believed to be possessed by the devil, and after a big argument things went wrong. got in touch with the police to inquire about this information and found it to be untrue.

"This is nonsense. We stick to the facts. We have no statements  because we do not know yet exactly what happened, "said a police spokesperson.