Easter Colder Than Christmas

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With a maximum temperature of 4.3 degrees Celsius and a thin layer of snow in some places, this year's Easter is colder than last Christmas, when temperature was around 10 degrees above zero. Nevertheless, the ‘cold record’ of 1964’s Easter has not been broken. For this, the weather station De Bilt should have measured temperatures below 3.9 degrees.

However, a different ‘cold record’ was broken this Easter. The minimum temperature of 5.3 degrees measured in De Bilt was the lowest minimum temperature ever measured in the night before Easter. In the province of Gelderland, temperatures even dropped to minus 8 degrees.

Easter Monday was cold too, but the sun shone throughout the country and a maximum temperature of 8 degrees was expected.

Parool.nl reports that a temperature of 11 degrees would be normal for this time of the year. March 2013 gets a spot in the top 10 of the coldest March-months.