Sitting on a Dead Cat

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A family in Purmerend has been sitting for fifteen months on top of the remains of their lost cat. The animal died when it got stuck in the springs at the bottom of the living room couch.

The cat Blacky was lost at the end of December 2011. Not finding the cat anywhere inside and outside the house, the owners assumed that the pet fell through the ice and drowned.

While moving away, they discovered the carcass of a cat in the couch. They alerted the animal rescue team, which took the mummified remains out of the couch. With big dismay and great sadness, the family discovered that it was their lost pet Blacky.

Several times, the family had seen a dirty spot under the couch, which they always cleaned. As for the penetrating smell around the couch, they blamed it to their other cats, which they thought were peeing under the couch and causing the dark spot.

“We have seen a lot of things but it can get more extreme,” writes the animal rescue team on its website.