Vandals Cause Gas Leak

Parts of the center of Leeuwarden (Friesland) was evacuated after vandals allegedly broke a pipeline by throwing stones at it. 

At about 9.15 pm on Thursday the fire department rolled out after residents on the Emmaplein reported a strong smell of gas. About twenty residents from the Emmaplein and nearby area were told to leave, according to a spokesman of the police.

Emergency crews localized the gas leak at 9.45 pm. They managed to quickly patch the hole using sand and water allowing them to open the scene back up to residents about 15 minutes later.

The gas distributor was working to repair damaged pipeline. Once a temporary bypass of the damaged pipe was online all houses were reconnected to the gas supply.

Part of the Emmaplein lies open because of some construction works which exposed the pipe. The police believe the vandals damaged the pipeline by throwing stones into the gap.

It had been shortly discussed if the rail traffic between Leeuwarden and Groningen had to be shut down, but that proved unnecessary.