illegal holiday rentals

Apr 20 '17 16:55

Three French couples were very disappointed when the arrived in Amsterdam for Easter weekend to find that their 1,000 euro per night Airbnb listing consisted of one tiny room with only one real bed and two air mattresses. The renter was fined 20,500 euros on Wednesday for breaking Amsterdam's Airbnb rules, Het Parool reports.

Mar 3 '17 13:05

Since autumn last year Amsterdam imposed a total of 526,500 euros in fines for illegal vacation rentals, mostly through sites like Airbnb and, the Telegraaf reports.

Sep 1 '16 15:30

The city of Amsterdam is looking at tightening the rules surrounding vacation rentals - renting your home out to tourists. The city is also increasing the penalties for not following the rules - from now on the fine for a first offense will be 20,500 euros, instead of 13,500 euros. And an inspector can close a house immediately, instead of only at fire hazard

Jul 12 '16 13:26

The municipality of Amsterdam issued a warning to all houseboat owners in the city - keep to the rules of vacation rentals, or face a fine of 50 thousand euros