Jul 1 '13 04:21

On July 1, a lot of things change that affects the wallets of citizens of the Netherlands. An overview of the main changes.

- The minimum wage increases on July 1 from 1469.40 to 1477.80 euro gross per month. This was announced by the Ministry of Social Affairs. As a result the social benefits increase also.

Jun 28 '13 08:04

The international exhibition Pixar: 25 Years of Animation opened on May 30, 2013 at Amsterdam EXPO.

Jun 28 '13 07:58

In the next couple of years, Dutch Dairy companies are going to invest over €700 million in processing plants in the Netherlands, according to the Dutch Dairy Association’s study on Thursday.

Jun 28 '13 07:52

34-year-old Paul Greenep faces a tough challenge to raise money for a Parkinson’s charity and a new DNA drug research that may slow down the degenerative disease, get Surrey reports.

Jun 28 '13 07:41

Through a funding from the Netherlands, the IMF will grant poor and middle-earning countries technical support to assist them in collecting tax, setting up a practical economic policy and fighting financial crimes.

Jun 28 '13 07:34

The Netherlands handed a Puerto Rican over to the U.S. for allegedly participating in international trading of illegal drugs.

Jun 28 '13 07:29

On Thursday, Employers Association VNO-NCW’s Head Bernard Wientjes informed Dutch newspaper that employers are against the government's plans to take away €6 billion in next year’s budget.

Jun 27 '13 08:01

Every summer, fire-juggler Will Oltman has amused spectators in Holland’s city center in the last six years at the Street Performer Series.

Jun 27 '13 06:30

ATP singles world number 60 Igor Sijsling is the first Dutchman to reach the second round at Wimbledon, after beating Alex Kuznetsov of USA.

Jun 27 '13 06:21

Amsterdam- an Anti-Zionist rabbi blamed Israel for his attack in the city, JTA reports. Antebi is an Orthodox Jew who has been living in the Netherlands.

Jun 27 '13 06:12

A new dock on Bunschotenweg, the Netherlands is ready for construction. The contract is between the United Waalhaven Terminals (UWT) and the Port of Rotterdam Authority, based on dredgingtoday’s report.

Jun 27 '13 06:04

FOX Sports is coming to the Netherlands through FOX International Channels (FIC), which has changed Eredivisie Live to FOX Sports Eredivisie.

Jun 27 '13 05:55

Roca-BHR, a recruiting firm based in the Netherlands, attracted over 800 Spanish applicants in 2012 for their job openings in geriatric care which requires a completion of an intensive course in Dutch, according to Reuters.

Jun 27 '13 03:03

The province of Friesland has reserved 50 million euro for the renovation of the Thialf in Heerenveen. The provincial council of Friesland has made this decision on Wednesday afternoon.

The renovation of the Thialf is now a fact, regardless of the choice that the ice skating association, KNSB, will make in the battle for the new sports venue for ice skating in the Netherlands. If Thialf is not going to be designated as the top location than it 'complicates the operation, but it can still be done’, said a spokesman for the province.

Jun 27 '13 02:52

The government is looking, according to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, ‘constantly for the opportunity to get extra oxygen into the economy’. Rutte said this Wednesday during the parliamentary debate on the 6 billion euro in cuts, that the government is still searching for.

Jun 27 '13 02:44

Pieter Broertjes, mayor of Hilversum and former chief editor of the Volkskrant, will be the new chairman of consumer organisation Consumentenbond. Broertjes was nominated by the Supervisory Board, announced Consumentenbond on Wednesday.

He succeeds former minister and Senator Thom de Graaf. After two terms of four years, De Graaf said that he is no longer eligible for re-election.


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