Aug 15 '13 08:30

Following the agreement between T-Mobile Netherlands and Tele2 Netherlands, it has been announced that Tele2 Netherlands will have right to use most of the antenna sites on rooftops and towers in the Netherlands.

Aug 15 '13 08:20

The country’s recession will be deeper than earlier estimated. This will cause increase in joblessness and weakening of government finances, based on the latest official forecasts on Wednesday.

Aug 15 '13 04:59

The economic recovery for the Netherlands is not happening yet and therefore the deficit for the Netherlands remains far too high. Next year, the deficit is 3.9 percent. That was announced the Central Planning Bureau (CPB) and the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) on Wednesday. What are the political reactions?

The government accepts that the Netherlands will not meet the European standard of three percent next year. But there will be no more than 6 billion cut, said Jeroen Dijsselbloem Minister of Finance on Wednesday in response to the new estimates from the CPB.

Aug 15 '13 04:03

On a beautiful summer evening in Faro, southern Portugal,  the Dutch team seemed to finally break with a nasty habit on Wednesday. Team Orange was in Faro on its way to its second win in 12 meetings with Portugal, until Cristiano Ronaldo scored the equalizer in the 87th minute.

Despite the disappointment of that late hit, team Orange can be reasonably satisfied a year for the World Cup. The young team played disciplined and mature, even when it was challenged by the Portuguese. So it was a real contest in the south of Portugal

Aug 15 '13 03:56

The sales of smart phones with the super fast 4G internet is rising rapidly. The market share of these devices has increased in the second quarter to 24 percent, against 14 percent in the previous quarter. This was announced by investigation bureau GfK Retail on Wednesday.

Aug 15 '13 03:53

The Asian tiger mosquito has already been found at seven different places in the Netherlands. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) is fighting the insect, that can transmit dangerous diseases, in Oss, Weert, Montfoort, Almere, Lelystad, Emmeloord and Hardenberg. The tiger mosquito was found in these places, near or at companies that import used tires.

Aug 14 '13 09:49

The World Academic Summit Innovation Index provided by Times Higher Education shows that the Netherlands is third in the world in businesses funding.

Aug 14 '13 09:42

On Monday, a Romanian art specialist said she assisted authorities to find the suspects of the  (thought to be burned) from a Dutch museum following her assessment of two paintings last year.

Aug 14 '13 09:23

Green Heart in Woerden will shift to the most up-to-date technology in parking management from Cale.

Aug 14 '13 09:17

The Netherlands Ministry of Defense will have to pay damages to soldier Dave Mat after being traumatized in the Dutch contingent of the United Nations in Srebrenica in 1995.

Aug 14 '13 09:09

Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has sent his condolences to King William Alexander of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Aug 14 '13 09:08

Lingerie company Marlies Dekkers is not doing well. The company has operated the last years with losses and also the balance for last year shows a shortage of 2.9 million.

The spokesman of Marlies Dekkers informed Quote that there is no seizure on the company and that they are in discussion with a bank about a refinancing with the help of new investors. “Our discussions with a potential investor are well advanced. Although we can’t give any clarity on the outcome of the discussions at this moment, we are confident that we can finish them positively.”

Aug 14 '13 09:04

The UK’s Film and Music Entertainment (F&ME), Albania’s Act Triangle Productions (ATP), Germany’s Lara Film, and the Netherland’s Popov Film are currently working on a film entitled Amsterdam Express, the first UK-Albania co-production.

Aug 14 '13 09:03

The IRS wants to make agreements with Morocco and Turkey on the automatic exchange of data on property. Dutch tax payers who have not informed the IRS about their house(s) in Morocco or Turkey can be addressed by the tax authorities.

State Secretary Frans Weekers (Finance) announced this on Tuesday in the House, in response to questions from SP MP Farshad Bashir. The Netherlands can at this moment also request Turkey and Morocco for information about real estate, but the information exchange is not automatic.

Aug 14 '13 09:00

The Foundation Preference Shares B of KPN says that they are concerned by the takeover attempt that América Móvil announced on Friday. According to the Foundation, which in theory can raise a protective wall around KPN, there is great uncertainty about the intentions of the Mexican company of Carlos Slim.

Aug 14 '13 08:56

Prince Friso will be privately buried on Friday in Lage Vuursche, in the municipality of Baarn. That was announced by the Government Information Service (RVD).

Prince Friso died Monday at age 44 from the effects of the skiing accident he had in the Austrian Lech in February 2012. He grew up with his brothers Constantijn and Willem-Alexander at Castle Drakensteyn, which is located near Lage Vuursche and borders the site where is the church called the Stulpkerk. He will be laid to rest at the cemetery that surrounds the church.

Lage Vuursche already crowded


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