Oct 31 '13 01:01

Minister of Internal Affairs, Ronald Plasterk, says that the NSA has admitted to intercept millions of calls in Europe. This has been written in a letter which the NSA sent to several allies, like the Netherlands. 

Plasterk who was a guest in Nieuwsuur on Wednesday, said that the calls were checked on meta data. These are things like who calls who? The number of 1.8 million of intercepted calls in the Netherlands is not just a story.

Oct 31 '13 00:06

The case Netherlands filed against Russia at the International Tribunal will start Monday, November 4th, in Hamburg.

Oct 31 '13 00:01

The military police at Schiphol arrested a 25-year old man from Jakarta after he opened the emergency exit of an aircraft for no apparent reason.

Oct 30 '13 17:23

ABN Amro Chairman Gerrit Zalm said that early 2015 is a good time for an initial public offering (IPO) if Dutch economy recovers, reports Bloomberg News.

Oct 30 '13 17:19

A thief in Belgium had a locksmith open the door to a house . The 21-year-old criminal called the gullible craftsman and just paid him with money he stole from the home, reported the media Wednesday.

Oct 30 '13 16:44

The Smati Turtle 1 is a concept car created by artists from the Netherlands and Ghana from scrap parts.

Oct 30 '13 16:09

Bleacher Report ranked the 10 best players from the Kingdom of the Netherlands in major league baseball.

Oct 30 '13 15:27

Groningen will get additional shelters to house Syrians, reported State Secretary Fred Teeven Wednesday in parliament. Limburg also get additional shelter for refugees from Syria.

Oct 30 '13 15:08

The number of people seeking financial assistance from the Roman Catholic Church has increased by more than 50 percent since 2009, according to research by the Aid organization 'Kerk in Actie'.

Oct 30 '13 14:32

The council of Amsterdam-Zuidoost wants the Sinterklaasintocht in the district not be granted a permit. The council adopted a motion of the Labour Party in which the district council is called upon to refrain from an entry with Black Peter.

Oct 30 '13 14:09

The 39-year-old Jan E. from Assen in Groningen sold his loot to grant his dying mother's wish.

Oct 30 '13 13:27

Hundreds of people fell victim to criminals who managed to infect their computer with a virus, showing shocking and violent images of child pornography, according to the police.

Oct 30 '13 12:08

The City of Rotterdam has fired an official who is suspected of leaking documents about illegal and unsafe mosque-boarding school, NRC reports Wednesday.

Oct 30 '13 11:58

Food watchdog Foodwatch said that the National School Breakfast is advertising, marketing and promotion of children's unhealthy eating, reports ANP.

Oct 30 '13 11:06

The Netherlands Museums Association found that at least 139 works of art in Dutch museums were looted, confiscated or sold under duress during the World War II under the Nazi regime.

Oct 30 '13 09:31

The Netherlands will once again host Europort, the world’s leading maritime event.


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