Nov 5 '13 00:02

An F-16 damaged the control tower of the military training area Vliehors on Vlieland with its mounted gun.

Nov 5 '13 00:01

Children's charity organization Terre des Hommes traced over a thousand child molesters on the internet through a virtual Philippine girl. Among these were twenty Dutch.

Nov 4 '13 17:34

Cable operator UPC Netherlands, which is one the largest cable operators in the Netherlands, will slash around 100 jobs as a “part of efforts to simplify the product offering.”

Nov 4 '13 15:18

Online department store announced that it plans to build a €100 million automated distribution centre.

Nov 4 '13 13:41

The Dutch government announced that it will send 380 troops to join a United Nations peacekeeping force in Mali, Africa.

Nov 4 '13 13:07

Ben, mobile services provider in the Netherlands, is offering a discount on its Ben vaak with a 24-month contract, Telecom Paper reports.

Nov 4 '13 12:07

The management of the Police East Netherlands doesn’t support the initiative of policemen from Almelo to send a multi offender by sending him out of the country by train. After they caught the Polish criminal for another theft in a long series of crimes, the team from Almelo put him on the train to Berlin.

Nov 4 '13 12:03

Minister Melanie Schulz of Infrastructure thinks that constructing more roads is not the ultimate solution to solve traffic problems. Their should be more creative and innovative ways to solve the problem of  the congested roads, she said in the program Buitenhof on Sunday.

Nov 4 '13 11:08

Dutch researcher Adriaan Tuiten and his team are seeking approval from the U.S. drugs authority FDA to perform phase three clinical trials on a pill to increase sexual desire in women, reports the Volkskrant.

Nov 4 '13 09:43

Dutch cable operator Zeelandnet has decided to raise its internet speeds without changing prices, reports Telecom Paper.

Nov 4 '13 09:10

The Dutch government will sell €6.4 billion of ING Groep U.S. mortgage bonds that it acquired during a 2009 bailout, Bloomberg News reports.

Nov 4 '13 00:05

A 24-year-old man from Leusden, near Amersfoort, was severely beaten by a large group this weekend.The police are looking for witnesses.

Nov 4 '13 00:03

Den Bosch Police found an injured man in the trunk of a car Sunday night. Four people were arrested, including the wounded.

Nov 4 '13 00:02

Shortly after takeoff a KLM Cityhopper returned to Schiphol. The pilot decided to turn as a precaution after the plane was hit by lightning in a heavy thunderstorm.

Nov 4 '13 00:02

In a large-scale environmental control in Drenthe nature reserves about thirty people were fined. The fines pertained to illegal motor crossing, driving where it is prohibited, illegal waste dumping, and dogs that were not leashed.

Nov 4 '13 00:01

The police closed access roads to Wijk bij Duurstede Sunday afternoon after a whirlwind passed over the village. Non locals are turned away. Residents are advised to stay in and not to start damage repairs on roofs yet.


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