Jul 9 '13 08:38

Keagan Tait and Isaiah Emerson of Canada and other 11-year-olds will be staying in Amsterdam for a month, away from their parents, gadgets, and routines.

Jul 9 '13 08:30

Wright State’s newly signed Richelle van der Keijl is participating at the European Championships in Samsun, Turkey.

Jul 9 '13 08:14

Environmental Tectonics Corp. has signed a deal for further disaster-management simulation for the Royal Netherlands Navy.

Jul 9 '13 08:05

The call by Prime Minister Mark Rutte that people must buy a house or a car, is mainly meant for older people. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Minister of Finance said this in an interview with Vrij Nederland.

“The story of Rutte can hardly apply to young people, especially for young people who bought a house in recent years. Especially the older generations had a great possibility in the past 20, 30 years, to build up capital, for instance from their house. That capital we would like to be mobilized. Spend it, invest, give it to your children,” says Dijsselbloem.

Jul 9 '13 08:01

Iris van der Schuit, the mother of the killed brothers Ruben and Julian, posted a new message on her Facebook page in which she wants to answer the question of how she is doing. The message appeared on the eve of the birthday of Reuben who would have become 10 years on Tuesday.

“I miss the big and the small things”, Van der Schuit writes. “Their voices, them coming home, bringing them back and forth to sports, friends and school. Even the moments they were annoying I miss.”

Last Goodbye

Jul 9 '13 07:57

Slightly less than half of Poles in the Netherlands and just over a quarter of Bulgarians think they will stay in the Netherlands. That is one of the conclusions of a report published on  Tuesday by the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP).

Most Poles (61 percent) who have registered in the Netherlands in the past eighteen months, liked better to be in their home country. Of the Bulgarians who migrated to the Netherlands, however 66% thinks that their lives have been improved. It is one of the many differences between the two groups, according to the report.

Jul 9 '13 07:50

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Minister of Finance, has passed the names of some Greeks, with ships sailing under Dutch flag, to the Greek authorities. A spokeswoman of the Ministry of Finance confirmed this on Monday. The information was made public by the Greek newspaper Parapolitika.

According to the newspaper, the Greeks are suspected of tax evasion in their country. There are 180 people involved.

Jul 9 '13 07:47

On the resting day the Tour is not at rest at all. The cyclists don’t have to ride a stage but, the place is like a bee hive.

Press conferences, latest news from the team doctors, hardware repair, back ground information and previews of the days to come, keep riders, team officials, journalists and tour organisation as busy as on a ‘normal’ day.

Jul 9 '13 07:44

Beginning in October, the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre will put up a new multipurpose building, according to Exhibition World.

Jul 9 '13 07:33

IBM announced that Zwolle-based online retailer wehkamp.nl will use IBM cloud-based merchandising analytics to deal with price reductions and enhance client satisfaction and meet their needs, and develop profitability.

Jul 9 '13 07:15

Flemish Prime Minister Kris Peeters and his Dutch partner Mark Rutte have initiated a trade mission in Houston.

Jul 8 '13 08:52

Dutch company Mobileye, N.V. announced the completion of contracts offering the sale of around $400 million of equity at a company equity valuation of $1.5 billion (on a pre-money basis) to five independent and reputable financial investors.

Jul 8 '13 08:13

Ireland defeated Netherlands in a World Cricket League game in Amsteelveen.

Jul 8 '13 08:04

The Hauge will host the World Justice Forum from July 8 to July 11.

Jul 8 '13 07:55

Dr. Peter Meijer of the Netherlands built a device called the vOICE, which turn noises into pictures. Researchers say it can potentially aid the visually impaired and can work as a substitute for invasive treatment.

Jul 8 '13 07:43

The Netherlands and Germany faced each other during an international exhibition game on July 7, featuring legendary players from both nations.


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