Aug 16 '16 16:30

PvdA parliamentarians have questions for Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice and Minister Ronald Plasterk of Home Affairs following a hack into the municipality of Ede's website which gave hackers access to personal data of 3,700 Ede residents. Primarily the parliamentarians want to know whether this type of digital security should not be in national hands

Aug 15 '16 08:59

A group of 23 TU Eindhoven students are going around the world in 80 days on a self-built electric motorcycle called Storm. This trip has a dual purpose - testing the bike and showing the world that electric transport works. "Already, everywhere", student Yuri Steinbuch said

Aug 12 '16 13:40

Just over two years after launching, online news kiosk Blendle is celebrating its one millionth reader. Some 200 thousand of the million users even spent money on their Blendle accounts, founder Alexander Klopping said to Het Parool on Friday.

Aug 11 '16 15:10

The personal information of about 3,700 Ede residents were accessed by unauthorized persons due to a security vulnerability on the municipal site, a spokesperson for the municipality confirmed to

Aug 11 '16 13:40

The Dutch government often responds too slowly to technological developments like self-driving cars, robotics and fast growing internet companies like Uber and Airbnb, according to the Central Planning Bureau in a report. If nothing change, the Netherlands will lose its leading position in the IT field, the CPB warns

Aug 10 '16 15:30

Amsterdam hospital AMC launched an experiment with showing patients movies during surgery in order to relax them. The first patient took part in the experiment on Tuesday and found it an "enriching" experience, according to the hospital.

Aug 10 '16 08:13

Vodafone Nederland struggled with a nationwide fault on their 4G network on Wednesday, resulting in customers struggling or being unable to access the internet on their smartphones. The service disruption lasted several hours and was resolved halfway through Wednesday evening

Aug 9 '16 17:00

Seven out of the 10 Dutch police regions will start using cars' "black boxes" this year in investigations into serious car accidents, AD reports. The investigating officers will take information from the so-called Event Data Recorder, which is built into model cars.

Aug 8 '16 16:10

Olivier Beg gets to fly with United Airlines almost for free for the coming time. The 19-year-old from Amsterdam was given a million air miles for identifying some 20 security patches by hacking the airline

Jul 28 '16 11:45

Amsterdam entrepreneur and former TV director Erik Recter designed a wristwatch that will help find kids who got lost at the beach or in other crowded places. Vodafone launched a test with this smart-watch in Domburg, Zeeland today. 100 kids and their parents are participating.

Jul 25 '16 14:30

The Dutch police and Europol teamed up with security companies Kaspersky Lab and Intel Security to launch a website intended to help people who fell victim to ransomware. The site contains tools to help victims remove ransomware from their computer and also provides information on the dangers of malicious software

ABN Amro
Jul 21 '16 14:40

ABN Amro's webcam service for mortgage advice is becoming more and more popular. According to the bank, 25 percent of all it mortgage consultations are now done over the webcam

Jul 21 '16 14:05

Residents of a courtyard building on Zusters van Orthenpoort find themselves in a Pokemon-hell with Pokemon Go players flooding their building at all hours and leaving junk behind them. "This is Pokemon terrorism!" one exasperated resident said to Omroep Brabant.

sticker_pokemanja_teamroosendaal (1)
Jul 21 '16 09:43

The Roosendaal police are calling on Pokemon Go players to keep an eye out for suspicious situations and persons while they're walking the streets hunting Pokemon. By reporting anything suspicious, Pokemon hunters can help increase safety in the city, the police believe.

Jul 19 '16 12:45

On Monday German vehicle manufacturer Daimler AG performed the first test with its self-driving bus on a public road on the bus lane between Schiphol and Haarlem, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment announced.

TU Delft
Jul 19 '16 12:16

A team of TU Delft scientists developed the the physically smallest hard drive ever to exist in the world so far. The hard disk has a storage capacity of 80 terabits, about 500 times more than is currently commercially available, and each bit consists of only one chlorine atom

Jul 18 '16 16:45

The Tilburg police are investigating whether a 31-year-old man arrested in the city during the early hours of Sunday morning is a burglar or was just hunting for Pokemon, the police said in a statement on Sunday.

Jul 18 '16 14:15

Pokemon Go was officially released for the Netherlands on Saturday. The game is now available for both Android and iOS

Gavel (Source: Wikimedia/Brian Turner)
Jul 13 '16 13:50

The court in Amsterdam ruled on Tuesday that Apple has to replace a defective iPhone that is still in its warranty period with a new one. A refurbished copy is not good enough

Jul 13 '16 13:20

The Dutch food and consumer product safety authority NVWA banned the sale of 24 USB charges in the Netherlands because they have serious technical defects or lack the necessary documentation to guarantee safety. That means the NVWA banned more than half of the 41 USB chargers it examined.

Jul 12 '16 12:40

Five teenage boys in Baarn discovered a dead body in a pond on Monday night while hunting for Pokemon in the immensely popular new smartphone game Pokemon Go

Jul 12 '16 08:40

Pokemon Go is causing headaches for police officers across the Netherlands. From police forces' posts on Twitter, it seems that the police have their hands full with reports of suspicious or dangerous situations to do with the smartphone game.

Jul 11 '16 15:30

Accenture decided to invest 500 thousand euros into the Netherlands' RoboValley, a Delft based "innovation hub" focused on robotics, the two parties announced in a press statement on Monday

Jul 11 '16 08:54

The Amsterdam police are concerned about dangerous situations that can be caused with the already very popular mobile game Pokemon Go.