Jun 7 '16 10:29

The AMC hospital in Amsterdam is installing a "black box" in one of its 20 operating theaters on Wednesday - the first Dutch hospital to do so. As in aviation, the black box will track and analyze all surgery information, with the intent of learning from mistakes and increasing patient safety, Volkskrant reports.

Jun 3 '16 13:05

Last year almost 1.2 million people in the Netherlands have never used the internet. That is about 8 percent of the Dutch population aged 12 years in older, according to Statistics Netherlands. Internet usage is increasing in the Netherlands. In 2012 about 10 percent of the population were not active online.

May 31 '16 16:00

Canadian investor Chrysalix Venture Capital is teaming up with robotics center RoboValley in Delft to invest 100 million euros into robotics-startups with the new RoboValley Investment Fund

Amanda Todd
May 30 '16 11:55

The number of reports of children and young people being sexually abused online in the Netherlands increased again last year. Hotline Help Wanted received over 1,500 of online sexual abuse of minors, about 200 more than in 2014. In 2013 there were only 750 reports, the organization confirmed to news wire ANP after reports by broadcaster NOS.

May 27 '16 09:14

The VUmc hospital in Amsterdam is the first hospital in Europe to have a device that can radiate a tumor more accurately, thereby dong less damage to surrounding tissue, the hospital announced on Thursday. The first patient, a patient with prostate cancer, already completed his treatment with the "revolutionary" MRIdian.

May 24 '16 10:38

Prince Constantijn kicked off the Startup Fest Europe in Amsterdam on Tuesday morning. The Prince does not know whether startups will become the driving force behind the economy, "but they are important to renew the economy", he said in the opening speech

May 20 '16 10:32

A number of Dutch municipalities have problems accessing archives stored on obsolete technologies, like floppies, CD's and even tape recorder, according to a survey done by Binnelands Bestuur among 26 municipalities

May 19 '16 12:35

The GiGi, a fully electric scooter that can fold up to be the size of a suitcase, is hitting the Dutch market. According to the manufacturers, the GiGi is the first foldable electric scooter in the world

May 19 '16 12:05

Delivery vans that run on Diesel emit an average of 6 times more nitrogen oxide than the European limit of 280 milligrams per kilometer, according to a study by research institute TNO

May 18 '16 12:20

Whoever posted the sex tape of Brabant revenge porn victim Chantal on Facebook last year, likely did so from a secondary vocational school in Noord-Brabant, the Telegraaf reported on Tuesday based on a report released by Facebook.

May 16 '16 10:06

Banks in the Netherlands have no plans to take extra security measures after two banks were robbed digitally in a short time. According to the Dutch banking association NVB, Dutch banks' security is already at a sufficiently high level

May 12 '16 15:30

Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs reported that his private email account was hacked. This would have been nothing more than an annoyance, except for the fact that he regularly received work email on his private Gmail account, the Ministry of Economic Affairs said to Nieuwsuur.

May 3 '16 12:40

The Dutch government gave artist Daan Roosegaarde an budget of 13 million euros for an artwork along the famed Dutch Afsluitdijk. The artwork should turn the 32 kilometer long dike, which is being renewed and strengthened in the coming years, into a "Smart Highway".

Apr 29 '16 10:50

Dutch public broadcasters launched a website this week where asylum seekers, immigrants and expatriates can watch Dutch programs subtitled in English and Arabic. The video-on-demand service - called Net in Nederland or New to the Netherlands in English - is intended to help newcomers get used to Dutch society

Apr 29 '16 10:06

Activists are calling on the Netherlands to switch off their smartphones for two minutes during the moment of silence on Remembrance day.

Apr 29 '16 08:23

Analyzing data gained from data mining can help spot fraud and solve crimes, but comes at the risk of profiling citizens like criminals, according to the Dutch scientific council for government policy WRR in its latest advice to the government

Apr 29 '16 07:50

Facebook received 271 requests for information from the Dutch authorities last year. About 73 percent of these requests were granted or partially granted, according to a biannual report on requests by governments the social media site published on Thursday.

Apr 28 '16 16:30

Dutch engineer Anton van Zanten (75) was nominated to win the European Inventor Award in the category “Lifetime achievement” for inventing the electronic stability system for cars. According to Benoît Battistelli, President of European Patent Office,k the system made the streets "much more safe" and Van Zanten "saved thousands of human lives".

Apr 27 '16 13:25

A petition for stricter laws on cyber bullying was singed by over 80 thousand people in less than a day.

Apr 26 '16 10:55

An increasing number of hacker groups and cyber spies make use of Dutch computer servers to attack foreign governments, according to a study done by internet security firm Trend Micro

Apr 22 '16 10:54

A number of domestic drones will be serving drinks at a pop-up cafe at TU Eindhoven this weekend. The world's first drone-cafe forms part of the Dream and Dare festival to celebrate the university's 60th anniversary.

Apr 20 '16 08:07

The police took down a large encrypted communication network on Tuesday, the Public Prosecutor announced. The network was used by criminals in the Netherlands, and possibly abroad. A 36 year old man from Nijmegen was arrested on suspicion of money laundering.

Apr 19 '16 15:15

NS and Fastned reached an agreement on the construction of three fast-charging stations for electric cars on vacant lots in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. NS owns these lots

Apr 19 '16 11:15

Defense Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert is following the "HackerOne" program with interest. The program is a American initiative to have group of carefully selected hackers try in hack into the Pentagon systems.