Mar 31 '16 14:45

The police arrested a 17-year-old boy from Alkmaar on Wednesday for threatening the Tax Office with a DDoS attack on their website. On Tuesday and Wednesday the boy threatened to make the tax site unreachable, so that many people will not be able to submit their tax returns on time.

Mar 24 '16 10:36

The village of Budel is launching an experiment on generating electricity from the roots growing plants in May. The province of Brabant pledged its support for the experiment

Mar 22 '16 09:54

Copyright watchdog BREIN reached a settlement agreement with a group of pirates called 2Lions Team. The group will pay a total of 67,500 euros and stop uploading copyrighted videos, the foundation announced on Monday.

Mar 16 '16 08:20

About 50 self-driving cars will be tested on the A2 highway between Amsterdam and Beesd after morning rush hour today

Mar 14 '16 13:30

Dutch team Super Quadcopter Gang came in 4th place at the World Drone Prix in Dubai, the first major drone tournament in the world. And with that they won a prize of 25 thousand dollars.

Mar 14 '16 08:30

Two young Dutch hackers were arrested on Sunday. The police believe the two hackers, aged 18 and 19, hacked into a large number of Instagram accounts and thereby managed to steal tens of thousands of euros in advertising revenue from the real users

Mar 11 '16 13:25

Dutch shoppers spent a massive 16 billion euros in online shopping last year, a 16 percent increase compared to 2014. Food sales showed the strongest growth, increasing by 40 percent, according to figures from Thuiswinkel Markt Monitor

Mar 11 '16 09:10

Super Quadcopter Gang, the Dutch team competing in the first ever major drone tournament - the World Drone Prix in Dubai - is through to the final round. A massive one million dollars in prizes is up for grabs, with the winner getting $250 thousand.

Mar 8 '16 13:15

Dutch kids' chat site is part of a Belgian child sexual abuse case involving a 12 year old girl and a Dutch loverboy

Mar 8 '16 07:29

Dating app Tinder violates that privacy of its users. The app stores all kinds of personal information from a user's Facebook account and the shares it with third parties. Its privacy terms are also far too vague and broadly worded, according to consumers' organization Consumentenbond.

Mar 7 '16 15:25

The Dutch government is rejecting the film industry's massive 1.2 billion euro claim for damages suffered due to piracy. The Netherlands is not responsible for these damages, Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice stated

Mar 7 '16 13:45

An international team of astronomers, including three Leiden scientists, discovered a galaxy that is 13.4 billion light years away. That means that this galaxy came into existence about 400 million years after the Big Bang, breaking the previous oldest galaxy record with 150 million years, the Leiden University announced.

Mar 7 '16 13:20

Many doctors and hospitals were difficult or impossible to reach on Monday morning due to a national phone outage. It is not clear how many practices were affected. But E-Zorg, which controls the secure network, stated that it was a national problem.

Mar 4 '16 08:54

Facebook and revenge porn victim Chantal from Werkendam reached a settlement regarding which investigators Facebook will allow access to their systems. This means that the court will not have to rule on the matter on Friday, both Facebook and crime reporter Peter R. de Vries announced on Thursday.

Mar 3 '16 08:47

Sweetie 2.0 is going online in April. Sweetie is a virtual little girl, created by Terre des Hommes, used to lure and trap people looking for webcam sex with children. Sweetie 1.0 traced a thousand men wanting online sex with her in just two months

Feb 29 '16 14:35

Researchers at TU Delft, in collaboration with Eneco, will be testing rechargeable batteries to power houses in three separate projects. The researchers will look at the home batteries usability for intelligent power management, how well they work charging electric vehicles and their direct current technology, the university announced.

Feb 22 '16 13:00

A Dutch startup company came up with the latest in transport - an electrical bike that charges itself using solar cells on its wheels.

Feb 16 '16 16:15

The FinTech sector is on fire in the Netherlands, to such an extent that Amsterdam may well be on its way to becoming the "Silicon Valley" of FinTech companies, according to Don Ginsel, chairman of financial startups trade association Holland Fintech

Feb 11 '16 13:55

The police are losing the battle against cyber criminals, according to Inge Philips, commissioner of he police's High Tech Crime Team. Officers need more capabilities to tackle these crimes, she said in the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, on Thursday

Feb 11 '16 11:25

Former minister Willem Vermeend was appointed the so-called liaison officer for the FinTech sector in the Netherlands. He will be the link between the FinTech sector, the government, industry and regulators and will work on solving problems for technology companies in the financial sector, the government announced.

Feb 9 '16 10:44

Dutch copyright association Stichting BREIN is once again targeting Popcorn Time, this time about its web version. A newly developed plugin, called Torrents Time, allows users to illegally stream a movie or episode, without having to download it first

Feb 4 '16 14:26

While contactless payment seems to be safe, this is not the case. "Pickpockets" can steal thousands of euros from a contactless card account simply by walking past the owner with a mobile payment device. The thief will need to know the pin code, which is often quite easy to see while someone is withdrawing money from an ATM or paying for something, according to a test done by consumers association Consumentenbond.

Feb 2 '16 09:39

In January 32,848 scam emails were reported to online fraud hotline That is almost double the 16,705 reports received in December, the hotline announced on Monday.

Jan 28 '16 14:45

The Dutch privacy watchdog Personal Data Authority sent a letter to several saunas and funeral homes warning them to be cautious about their clients' privacy, after receiving "numerous signals" about cameras in saunas and filming of funerals.