Jul 6 '16 07:24

A massive 700-megawatt wind farm set for construction in the North Sea will cost the Dutch government 2.7 billion euros less in subsidy than initially planned. Construction of the project at the Borssele site, 22 kilometers from the Zeeland shoreline, was awarded to Danish firm DONG Energy, Economic Affairs minister Henk Kamp announced on Tuesday.

Jul 1 '16 12:55

KPN completed its Long Range Wide Area-network for the Internet Of Things, making the Netherlands the first country in the world to have a so-called Lora-network with nationwide coverage

Jun 28 '16 15:40

A mother from Hoorn filed a lawsuit against social network Instagram to court in an attempt to find out who created a fake account in her 15-year-old daughter's name. The account is covered in nude and sexually explicit photos. According to the mother, it isn't her daughter on the photos but she is still being bullied about it

Jun 28 '16 14:10

Eindhoven mayor Rob van Gijzel was named the first European Digital Leader during an international CIO CITY conference in Amsterdam on Monday. He received this internatinal award for his efforts to turn Eindhoven into one of the Smart Cities of the world

Jun 28 '16 09:45

Amsterdam resident Maurice Beljaars submitted an application to the Unicode Consortium for a LGBT rainbow flag emoji. "There are emoji for a head massage and a fried egg", Beljaars said to Het Parool. "But a rainbow flag, the symbol for the LGBT community since the 70's is still out of the question."

Jun 20 '16 12:15

Car manufacturer BMW acquired the maker of Dutch smartphone app ParkMobile in April of this year, though the acquisition was only announced on Friday

Jun 17 '16 15:40

Three Dutch people were arrested on Tuesday in a large joint investigation with the United States into drug trade via illegal online market places on the so-called Dark Web, the police announced on Friday. 

The main suspect is a 28-year-old man from Broek op Langedijk. He is suspected of trading and exporting "substantial quantities" of narcotics and money laundering.  A 29-year-old man from Nieuwe Niedorp and a 26-year-old man from Alkmaar were also arrested on suspicion of involvement in this trafficking. All three are still in custody and will be arraigned on Friday.

Jun 17 '16 11:55

Vocational school Florijn College in Breda is currently the subject of the investigation into a revenge porn case surrounding 22-year-old Chantal from Werkendam. Investigators believe that a sex video featuring Chantal and her ex-boyfriend may have been uploaded from this school

Jun 16 '16 16:30

Cybercrime will increase significantly over the next few years, according to Attorney General Gerrit van der Burg on Nieuwsuur on Wednesday. The Public Prosecution Service predicts that about 50 percent of all crime in the Netherlands will consist of cybercrime within 5 years.

Jun 16 '16 11:00

After years of squabbling and threats of fines, Google now complies with Dutch privacy laws, the Authority for Personal Data, previously known as the Data Protection Authority, said on Tuesday.

Jun 15 '16 09:41

A group of Chinese hackers for years had access to the systems of a Dutch-German defense technology company, during which time they "definitely" obtained access to technological information and "probably" also had control of the company's network, the Volkskrant reports based on sources in the intelligence community.

Jun 14 '16 15:30

An increasing number of Dutch men are falling victim to sexual extortion. Most of the thousand of Dutch that fell victim to this online crime last year, were men, De Stentor reports based on figures from HelpWanted.

Jun 10 '16 09:11

Russian secret services were behind cyber attacks on the Dutch Safety Board's computers last year, according to the German intelligence service Bundesverfassungsschutz (BfV) in a report on Russia's digital espionage activities. According to the service, the Russians were trying to get hold of information about MH17

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Jun 9 '16 08:46

Dutchman Boyal Slat's (21) project foundation The Ocean Cleanup raised enough funding to launch a prototype test in the North Sea, the foundation announced on Wednesday. The prototype test is set to launch early summer this year.

Jun 8 '16 12:00

NS launched a new version of their app NS Reisplanner Xtra, which gives travelers the option of buying digital train tickets

Jun 7 '16 14:30

Minister Edith Schippers of Public Health is allocating 20 million euros over the next four years to be invested into the promotion of e-health initiatives, she announced at E-Health Week in Amsterdam on Tuesday.

Jun 7 '16 10:29

The AMC hospital in Amsterdam is installing a "black box" in one of its 20 operating theaters on Wednesday - the first Dutch hospital to do so. As in aviation, the black box will track and analyze all surgery information, with the intent of learning from mistakes and increasing patient safety, Volkskrant reports.

Jun 3 '16 13:05

Last year almost 1.2 million people in the Netherlands have never used the internet. That is about 8 percent of the Dutch population aged 12 years in older, according to Statistics Netherlands. Internet usage is increasing in the Netherlands. In 2012 about 10 percent of the population were not active online.

May 31 '16 16:00

Canadian investor Chrysalix Venture Capital is teaming up with robotics center RoboValley in Delft to invest 100 million euros into robotics-startups with the new RoboValley Investment Fund

May 30 '16 11:55

The number of reports of children and young people being sexually abused online in the Netherlands increased again last year. Hotline Help Wanted received over 1,500 of online sexual abuse of minors, about 200 more than in 2014. In 2013 there were only 750 reports, the organization confirmed to news wire ANP after reports by broadcaster NOS.

May 27 '16 09:14

The VUmc hospital in Amsterdam is the first hospital in Europe to have a device that can radiate a tumor more accurately, thereby dong less damage to surrounding tissue, the hospital announced on Thursday. The first patient, a patient with prostate cancer, already completed his treatment with the "revolutionary" MRIdian.

May 24 '16 10:38

Prince Constantijn kicked off the Startup Fest Europe in Amsterdam on Tuesday morning. The Prince does not know whether startups will become the driving force behind the economy, "but they are important to renew the economy", he said in the opening speech

May 20 '16 10:32

A number of Dutch municipalities have problems accessing archives stored on obsolete technologies, like floppies, CD's and even tape recorder, according to a survey done by Binnelands Bestuur among 26 municipalities

May 19 '16 12:35

The GiGi, a fully electric scooter that can fold up to be the size of a suitcase, is hitting the Dutch market. According to the manufacturers, the GiGi is the first foldable electric scooter in the world