Oct 29 '13 09:21

UPC Netherlands is expanding its Wi-Fi network based on customer routers.

Oct 29 '13 09:14

The Netherlands has agreed to expand cooperation with Germany on digital security.

Oct 28 '13 13:41

Mobile commerce is rapidly growing in the Netherlands and mobile e-commerce is expected to be the growth drive for the e-commerce sector in the coming years.

Oct 21 '13 10:15

A report released by Telecompaper reveals that Samsung mobile dominates the smartphone market in Netherlands.

Oct 18 '13 13:57

Netherlands’ largest cable operator Ziggo has rejected a takeover bid from John Malone's Liberty Global.

Oct 17 '13 05:36

People who use the Internet are getting more choosy on social networks and they also use less news sources. These are the results of a questionnaire of ING among 1515 Internet users.

The outcome of this questionnaire is not in line with what analysts say about the growing number of users for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The investigation of ING shows that an increasing of users of social networks are actually inactive. Only Facebook has been visited more last year.

Oct 15 '13 18:03

A new report by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Radiocommunications Agency found that some Dutch telecommunications and internet service providers (ISPs) have violated European Union law requiring the retention of communications data for the purposes of investigating, detecting and prosecuting serious crime and terrorism.

Oct 14 '13 00:01

Solar Team Eindhoven won a prize in the World Solar Challenge in Australia. The Dutch solar car won in the cruiser class, where practicality is as important as speed.

Oct 11 '13 01:10

The Nuon Solar Team from TU Delft won the World Solar Race. The Dutch car, Nuna7, passed the finish line in the Australian Adelaide a little after two Dutch time.

Oct 11 '13 00:01

Apple halved the production of the iPhone 5C from 300,000 to 150,000 pieces a day due to disappointing sales, according to the Chinese website Ctechcn.

Oct 10 '13 00:01

iPhone® 5s, the most forward-thinking smart phone in the world, and iPhone 5c, the most colorful iPhone yet, will be available in Italy, Russia, Spain and more than 25 more countries, among which The Netherlands, on Friday, October 25, announced Apple® on October 9th .

Sep 25 '13 02:41

Apple has reportedly been working on smart glasses, similar to Google's Glass since 2006. The project was put on hold to work on the iPhone.

Sep 13 '13 02:42

The UMC Groningen (Universitair Medisch Centrum) celebrates with a symposium Friday that already the five hundredth patient has received a cochlear implant.

Sep 10 '13 02:29

Glass can now search for YouTube videos and can recognize music. Also added, is a new way to share photos.

Sep 1 '13 01:26

The Dutch Government should study the possible effects of Google Glass on road safety, according to several political parties in parliament

Aug 30 '13 01:40

Facebook is considering including public profile pictures of users in a large database for facial recognition. The social network announced the plans by an update of its terms of use, reports Reuter.

Aug 27 '13 02:37

Privacy watchdogs around the world are not satisfied with the privacy around Google glass. They demand an explanation, but so far Google wraps itself in silence.

Aug 23 '13 05:34

Based on the study done by the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Tilburg University, downloading from illegal sources has amplified several months after a court ordered ISPs in the country to stop access to The Pirate Bay.

Aug 22 '13 08:38

The number of digital TV connections in the Netherlands increased by 1.0 percent in the second quarter of 2013 to 6.543 million on June 30. Nearly 85 percent of all households have a digital TV connection, Telecompaper reports.

Aug 22 '13 08:26

The first seven Ipad-Only "Steve Jobs schools" opened in some cities in the Netherlands on August 21.

Aug 20 '13 06:17

F1 in Schools™ has been introduced in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Aug 20 '13 04:21

Nokia has announced the launch of the Lumia 625 in the Netherlands next month.

Aug 16 '13 05:12

On August 15, Cryptanalyst Marc Stevens from the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam launched an open source software that can identify and stop forged digital signatures.

Aug 15 '13 08:30

Following the agreement between T-Mobile Netherlands and Tele2 Netherlands, it has been announced that Tele2 Netherlands will have right to use most of the antenna sites on rooftops and towers in the Netherlands.