Jun 23 '16 07:37

The Netherlands can expect a difficult rush hour on Thursday morning due to rain and flooded roads. Meteorological institute issued a code yellow storm warning for the entire country.

Jun 21 '16 09:58

Celebrity veterinarian Freek Vonk underwent what he calls a "cesarean section" in an Amsterdam hospital on Monday to remove three larvae from his leg. "It was a bloody operation, but daddy is doing very well", he writes on his Facebook page.

Jun 21 '16 09:40

A Finnish tourist was met with an unexpected guest in his hotel room in Amsterdam on Sunday - a massive tarantula sitting on the wall of his bathroom, the Animal Ambulance in Amsterdam announced on Facebook.

Jun 21 '16 07:32

Today will be the longest day of the year in the Netherlands with a total of 16 hours and 46 minutes of daylight between sunrise and sunset. June 21st also marks the start of astronomical summer, which last until September 20th

Jun 20 '16 07:26

A very wet Monday lies ahead of the Netherlands. Weather service Weerplaza expects between 12 and 15 straight hours of rain today.

Jun 15 '16 12:35

Natural gas extraction in earthquake ridden Groningen may soon fall even further, to 25 billion cubic meters a year, the Telegraaf reports based on its own sources.

Jun 15 '16 11:35

With the support of ruling party PvdA, a parliamentary majority is now against test drilling for gas on the Wadden Island of Schiermonnikoog

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Jun 9 '16 08:46

Dutchman Boyal Slat's (21) project foundation The Ocean Cleanup raised enough funding to launch a prototype test in the North Sea, the foundation announced on Wednesday. The prototype test is set to launch early summer this year.

Jun 8 '16 10:47

Amsterdam police officers responding to a report of a wild animal on Tuesday were shocked to find a large crocodile in the crawlspace of a home on Hoogte Kadijk in Zeeburg.

Jun 8 '16 10:08

The dolphins in the Dolfinarium in Hardewijk are happy and well cared for, Dolfinarium veterinarian Niels van Elk said to BNR in response to protests outside the aquatic center on Tuesday.

Jun 7 '16 15:00

Schiphol and Noord-Holland are still fighting for approval to gas thousands of geese in the area around the airport, despite a court ban. According to the airport and the province, gassing is the only effective way to get rid of enough birds that they no longer pose a risk to air traffic. They are heading back to court on Monday

Jun 7 '16 09:21

A massive 167 Dutch municipalities are still using coal power for their own electricity use, such as for powering street lighting, traffic lights and municipal buildings, according to a study done by SOMO on behalf of Greenpeace Netherlands.

Jun 6 '16 17:00

The Netherlands, Germany Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden and Norway are teaming up to research technologies to generate renewable energy in the North Sea and to plan the construction of offshore wind turbines. These "North Sea countries" will ratify their agreements at the Energy Council in Luxembourg on Tuesday

Jun 6 '16 14:00

The eastern parts of the Netherlands can expect more storms on Monday afternoon. Meteorological institute KNMI issued a code yellow warning for Overijssel, Gelderland, Noord Brabant and Limburg, effective between 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Jun 3 '16 07:39

The heavy rainfalls of the past days put a dike in the German city of Hamminkeln, just across the border from Zevenaar, under so much pressure that it could break at any moment. If the dike in the Issel river is breached it would flood the A3 highway making traffic between Arnhem and Oberhausen impossible

Jun 2 '16 16:20

Biodiversity museum Naturalis in Leiden have chosen a name for their Tyrannosaurus Rex, which will be displayed in their Plague House from September 10th. The dinosaur is a female and can thus be seen as the Queen of the Dinosaurs. Naturalis therefore decided to name her Trix, in honor of former Dutch Queen Beatrix, the museum announced on Thursday.

Jun 2 '16 13:20

Hunters will soon be allowed to hunt geese in a ten kilometer radius around Schiphol in an once-off event. This is necessary because the animals pose a threat to air traffic and a court banned the large-scale gassing of these birds

Jun 2 '16 07:45

Meteorological institute KNMI issued a code yellow warning for thunderstorms in the Netherlands for the sixth day in a row on Thursday. The storms are expected to hit the eastern parts of the country during the afternoon and evening.

Jun 1 '16 15:55

At least one Osprey, or fish eagle, hatched in the Biesbosch on Wednesday - a first for the Netherlands, according to the State Forestry.

Jun 1 '16 07:35

On Wednesday morning fog is reducing visibility in some areas of the Netherlands. A code yellow warning is currently in effect in Zeeland, Noord-Brabant and Zuid-Holland. According to the KNMI, fog banks are reducing visibility to less than 200 meters. The fog should clear up during the course of the morning.

May 31 '16 14:30

The heavythat moved across the Netherlands on Monday resulted in about 10 million euros worth of damage, according to the Association of Insurers rough estimation based on the damage claims filed so far, reports.

May 31 '16 10:29

Dirk Bruin of the Noordwester information center became a hero in the eyes of a primary school class when he jumped off a boat, into the ocean and rescued a seal trapped in a large fishing net during a field trip. The teacher of the class caught the heroic act on video.

May 30 '16 15:55

Schiphol Airport cancelled more than 70 flights on Monday due to the bad weather and maintenance on the Zwanenburg runway

May 30 '16 15:05

Burgers' Zoo in Arnhem welcomed a new resident during the early hours of Monday morning. A baby whit rhinoceros was born to mother Kwanzaa at 4:10 a.m., the zoo announced.