Oct 27 '15 09:50

A massive 643 thousand people tuned in to watch transgender Loiza Lamers win Holland's Next Top Model on Monday night, making the finale the most watched episode of the season.

Oct 22 '15 14:47

Princess Beatrix will be opening fourth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival this year. The festival kicks off on November 28. This year’s festival is dedicated to the theme of Friendship, which focuses on the existence of mankind and the universal language of light to allow expression.

Oct 22 '15 13:00

Theaters, stages and cinemas around the Leidseplein in Amsterdam donated the proceeds of ticket sales on Wednesday to refugee charity VluchtelingenWerk Nederland. This amounted to some 37 thousand euros.

Oct 21 '15 17:05

In commemoration of 15 years of LegoWorld in the Netherlands, they will attempt to break the world record for the largest Lego tower ever built. The finished tower is to stand more than 35.05 meters, the previous best recorded in Milan this summer. The Netherlands, in 2004, went to the height of 27.7 meters with their last tower.

Oct 21 '15 15:13

On this day, back from 1989, Marty McFLy, Dr Emmet Brown and the infamous DeLorean, will again touch down in the future, this time at the Leiden International Film Festival. Tickets to tonight’s screening of the hit movies, “Back to the Future 1&2”, sold out in no time. The films will again make a big screen appearance at the Trianon movie theatre.

Oct 20 '15 15:43

The organizers of the Blood Rave scheduled for Amsterdam on Halloween have released a statement to make one thing very clear: rave attendees will be sprayed with synthetic blood, not real blood.

Oct 19 '15 08:50

The anniversary edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event was extremely successful, with 365 thousand people attending the 1,001 events with 2,289 artists and 485 speakers.

Oct 19 '15 08:18

The 75-year-old legend John Cleese has announced that he will be putting five stops in the Netherlands as part of his, “The Last Time To See Me Before I Die” tour. The comedian/writer/actor/director will be telling anecdotes about his career and personal life, and audience members will have the opportunity to ask him questions as well.

Oct 16 '15 18:30

World-renowned superstar Janet Jackson added a May 2 stop at the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome for her ongoing "Unbreakable" tour. The tour began on August 31 in the United States, receiving rave reviews.

Oct 16 '15 13:05

A non-profit interest group that aims to stand up for good contracts and copyright protection for young and upcoming DJ's was launched during the jubilee edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event. The Dutch DJ Foundation was founded by the parents of prominent DJ's such as Martin Garrix and Hardwell.

Oct 8 '15 17:39

On Halloween night this year visitor and residents of Amsterdam are going to be in for the experience of their lifetimes when, for the first time in European history, the city will open its first Virtual Reality (VR) pop-up bioscope. Owner of the Samhout Advertising and Media company, Jip Samhout, told Parool that “It is the first time in the Netherlands that they are going to apply such large-scale virtual reality.”

Oct 7 '15 09:43

As the kickoff for the 20th edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event approaches, the City of Amsterdam is asking party-goers to pay particularly close attention to the safe use of narcotics, and the laws regarding drug use in the Netherlands. The information is being distributed in five different languages, and just days after an alert was issued for ecstasy tabs with the ADE logo that carry a dangerously high amount of the substance MDMA.

Oct 2 '15 17:45

Our weekly collaboration with Guys Love Cooking features an interesting take on the "cappuccino," after the guys pick their mom's brain. This 30-minute dish serves four.

Last weekend we had some guests over for dinner and we wanted to create something a bit different, something to impress.

Oct 2 '15 13:53

Fans of mixed martial arts in the Netherlands will likely rejoice next year as one of the leading MMA promotion companies, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) plans to promote their events heavily in the Netherlands. “Holland is a key market for us and it’s somewhere we want to be,” new UFC vice-president and EMEA general manager James Elliot told MMAfighting.com.

Sep 29 '15 14:25

The Emmy award ceremony, for both American and international newscasters celebrating the best international news stories, took place on Monday night in New York. The Dutch broadcaster NOS, who was nominated for the airing of the National Day of Mourning after the downing of Maylasian Flight MH17, was competing with three other non-American contenders for the award. NOS received its nomination for the July 2014, hour-long broadcast on the arrival of the first victims of the plane crash in the Ukraine.

Sep 24 '15 18:30

Puff Pastry, called pâte feuilletée or feuilletage in France, is a light, flaky pastry made by repeatedly layering pastry dough and butter to form a thin dough that puffs in the oven (for this recipe we bought an already made version)

Summer is officially over, we can now start thinking what to buy for Sinterklaas and for Christmas. The recipe of today goes absolutely the opposite way, it boasts energy, it has a colorful summer look which brings pleasure to the eye.

Sep 24 '15 18:28

The which the Rijksmuseum and the Dutch Government committed to buying for 160 million euros will first make an exhibition tour of all twelve provincial capitals around the Netherlands before reaching their new home at Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum.

Sep 21 '15 16:40

U2 frontman Bono has signed on to assist with the production of a new documentary on Dutch pop artist Herman Brood. The film's director, Dennis Alink, is ecstatic to work with the musician, according to ANP.

Sep 18 '15 12:30

We love cakes, we love cakes a lot! In our blog we have experimented on a few in the last few months and we loved each one of them. However, the one we are writing about today is possibly one of our favorites.

What we do like about it:

Sep 16 '15 12:14

A-Film, one of the largest independent Benelux movie distributors, requested deferral of payment on Monday. The company is facing difficult market conditions and has a heavy debt burden.

Sep 11 '15 15:30

A few months ago we started , a food blog. Our main goal was, and still is, to share our passion for the food we eat and for how we cook it. Since then we reached all corners of the world and connected with amazing people. We reached out to the NL Times to build on another platform and to engage with a different audience. We hope to be able to inspire you to have a great time in your kitchen.

Sep 8 '15 16:00

Jessie Jazz Vuijk has been named the new Miss Netherlands. The 20 year old woman from Amsterdam was crowned at the Media Park in Hilversum on Monday night.

Sep 8 '15 10:53

Rock band U2 was spotted enjoying a trip in a boat on Amsterdam's canals on Tuesday afternoon. The band has four concerts scheduled in the Ziggo dome this week this week.

Sep 2 '15 14:37

Construction to turn one of Sloterdijk's largest vacant office buildings - KPN Telehouse - into a massive entertainment heaven, started on Wednesday. This mega hospitality building will be called Ven and will include a hotel, a casino, a convention center, restaurants, a rooftop bar and a spa