Flag of Jihad
Feb 25 '14 10:16

Another Dutch Jihadist has died in Syria, this is the 11th Dutch death in the Syrian war region.

Feb 25 '14 08:40

A pair of fugitive criminals took a family hostage Monday night, after a shooting at a camping in Enschede.

Feb 25 '14 04:33

Leidy Figueroa, the girlfriend of Joran van der Sloot, who is serving a 28-year prison sentence in Peru, is pregnant with twins, confirmed Van der Sloot's lawyer, Máximo Altez, Sunday, after initially denying she was pregnant.

Feb 24 '14 15:11

The threat level of Dutch individuals joining Al-Qa'ida related armed forces in Syria and those returning remains substantial.

Feb 24 '14 15:05

Uganda has intercepted nine suspected letter bombs that originated from Schiedam and were addressed to, among other public figures, President Yoweri Museveni.

Feb 24 '14 11:29

An inmate of the prison in Vught who was thought to have escaped this morning, has been found.

Police dogs found the man within the walls of the penitentiary around 10.50, almost 2.5 hours after he was reported missing from his cell. It is not clear if he had really tried to escape.

Feb 24 '14 09:59

A 27-year old man from Groningen was stabbed in the face on Sunday morning. He died from his wounds in hospital today.

Feb 24 '14 09:35

A 14-year old boy from Winschoten has been taken into police custody for sexual abuse.

Parking ticket
Feb 24 '14 08:55

People who really can't pay their traffic fines, no longer have to go into a cel if it is up to the lower regional court judges.

Feb 24 '14 06:53

A 14-year old boy has been apprehended for attempted armed robbery on a flower stall in Voorburg.

Feb 24 '14 06:44

A 37-year old man has died from his wounds after being found in the driveway of a home in Huijbergen on Saturday.

Koninklijke Marechaussee van
Feb 22 '14 05:00

The Royal Military Police has found possible drug detritus in a van after a chase on the N271 at Venlo.

Feb 22 '14 04:35

Sex offender Benno L. will stay in Leiden, concluded mayor Lenferink after consultation with police, public prosecution, and Probation Netherlands. L. is not allowed any contact with children in Leiden.

Feb 21 '14 20:04

The "Brein" foundation will appeal the verdict of the The Hague court, late January, that ruled Internet providers Xs4all and Ziggo no longer have to block download website "The Pirate Bay." The block had been in affect since January 2012.

Feb 21 '14 19:40

Immediately after the Amsterdam court passed its sentence against kick boxer Badr Hari, Friday, the Public Prosecution announced to appeal the decision. Hari's lawyers, Bénédicte Ficq and Marnix van der Werf, announced they would study the verdict over the next two weeks and then decide whether they will also appeal the sentence.

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Feb 21 '14 15:24

Kick boxer Badr Hari has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for aggravated assault; six months are conditional.

Feb 21 '14 15:20

Amsterdam-based professional kickboxer has repeatedly found himself on the wrong side of the law in the years leading up to his sentencing hearing today in Amsterdam. A judge in one of the city's courtrooms handed Hari an 18-month prison sentence, of which six months may be suspended, for his role in the assault of Koen Everink at the July 2012 Sensation White party in the Amsterdam ArenA.

Feb 21 '14 15:17

Spy Shop lawyer, Sander Jansen, is enraged about statements chief commissioner Aalbersberg made Thursday, in the program "Het Verhoor" on AT5, concerning the raid on Spy shop, One2spy in Amsterdam, Tuesday. Owner Farah el O. and twelve other suspects were arrested. Jansen was not allowed to discuss the case with anyone, but after "Het Verhoor" aired, the restrictions were immediately lifted.

Dutch Passport
Feb 21 '14 11:49

Ten Dutch youths have been denied passports because the intelligence- and security-services suspect them of possible terrorist intents.

Feb 21 '14 11:26

A 78-year-old woman from The Hague is likely facing criminal and financial charges for dropkicking a 38-year-old auxiliary policeman who fined her for not cleaning up after her dog.

Feb 21 '14 08:51

Kickboxing champion Badr Hari will hear today if he will be able to continue his fighting career.

Feb 21 '14 07:57

In October last year, mustard gas was found in the cellar of a deceased physics teacher in Ede. It is now suspected that he made the chemical himself.

Feb 21 '14 07:24

A man in Rotterdam was shot in his leg as he left his house Thursday evening at around 7:15 p.m.

Feb 21 '14 07:13

A 30-year old man from Amsterdam was shot and killed in Zaandam at around 7:30 a.m. Thursday morning.