Jan 2 '14 14:32

Animal lovers have promised a €500 to €1,000 reward for the tip that leads to finding the person(s) who killed a cat with fireworks in Amersfoort earlier this week.

Jan 2 '14 11:39

The manager of a psychiatric clinic was shot and killed on the first day of the new year in his hometown, Berkel en Rodenrijs, in Zuid Holland just north of Rotterdam.

Jan 2 '14 04:35

Dutch soldiers provided armed assistance to the Curaçao police corps on New Year's eve. This was decided during a meeting between Prime Minister Ivar Asjes, Governor George Lucille Wout, and Brigade General Dick Swijgman.

Jan 1 '14 15:13

Police arrested four in the J.S. de Rijkstraat in Utrecht following an incident where officers were pelted.

Jan 1 '14 14:58

Police arrested a 19-year-old suspect, Monday, in Amsterdam-Zuid in the investigation into the assassination of the 34-year-old Dalibor Spasic from Serbia, announced the police on Tuesday.

Jan 1 '14 11:53

The owners of 69 cars parked around the Hague were in for a shock Wednesday morning to find their vehicles had caught fire during New Year's celebrations. There had already been 30 car fires reported near Den Haag by midnight.

Dec 31 '13 15:03

A 22-year-old man died Tuesday morning after crashing his scooter into a lamppost while being chased by police. His 21-year-old passenger was seriously injured in the crash.

Dec 31 '13 13:18

Police in the Brabant town of Veen arrested 100 people early Tuesday morning for violently attacking officers there. Police were trying to provide security for firefighters responding to an emergency call when those on the street began launching heavy fireworks at police, and pelting the patrolmen with empty glass bottles.

Dec 31 '13 13:13

Last night, the thieves have made a ram-raid robbery at a newly-opened Apple’s retail store in Haarlem.

Dec 31 '13 12:25

Five people have been arrested in Paraguay in connection with the kidnapping of a Dutchman who had traveled to the South American country to meet a woman he met over the internet.

Dec 31 '13 12:15

A man from England has been charged with arson after a fire on a ferry from Newcastle to IJmuiden, a port city in the Dutch province of North Holland.

Dec 31 '13 11:54

Exoneration may still come for Gerrit Jan Pieperiet who was found guilty of murder and became the last man to be hung in the Netherlands.

Dec 31 '13 04:31

Gwenette M., a major criminal from Amsterdam, escaped death Friday. An unknown man pointed a gun at him and pulled the trigger several times, in Amsterdam-Zuid. The gun failed.

Dec 30 '13 14:44

The food bank in Amsterdam and district North are warning people to be on alert for the possibly malicious Foundation Food Bank Relief, which goes door to door around the holidays, collecting money under false pretenses.

Dec 30 '13 05:59

Two people were arrested yesterday after a fire on a ferry from Newcastle to IJmuiden injured six others. Police have suggested one person may have caused the fire in a cabin when the ferry was 30 miles off the English coast on its way to the Netherlands.

Dec 30 '13 04:33

Two men from Leeuwarden assaulted a dog in such a way, that a vet had to euthanize the pet.

Dec 30 '13 04:31

In a hole in a forest near Zuidlaren, in Drenthe, police arrested two men from Kosovo, who were suspected of a series of burglaries in the area.

Dec 28 '13 04:32

A 57-year-old Dutchman was arrested in Newcastle, England, after border patrol officers there found over a hundred kilos of heroin and cocaine in his possession. The man, Johannes Huizer, was travelling with a truck by ferry from the Netherlands.His container was also found to be holding 150kg of cannabis, and 50kg of amphetamines when it was inspected at the Port of Tyne.

Dec 27 '13 15:09

A 72-year-old Eindhoven resident was robbed in his hometown Wednesday evening. Four young men threatened the man with a knife while he was walking his dog on the Lohengrinlaan near Cruijfcourt.

Dec 27 '13 14:53

The police arrested two men last night for throwing a fireworks bomb next to a store in the Bomstraat in Noordwijk.

Dec 27 '13 14:24

Two suspected burglars were arrested Thursday morning as they tried to hide on the rooftops connected to the store they had allegedly robbed. Witnesses spotted the two men walking on a roof in Amersfoort at 5:30am, according to the police department.

Dec 27 '13 13:44

The magistrate ruled that three juvenile street robbers from Amsterdam, aged 14 and 15, need to stay inside between 20:00 and 07:00.

Dec 27 '13 04:36

The Tilburg police fired a warning shot in the night of Wednesday on Thursday in order to apprehend a burglar, reported the police Thursday. There were not casualties.

Dec 27 '13 04:33

375 pounds of fireworks were found in a home in Zierikzee, including thirty homemade mortar bombs. The EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) examined the party before it is discharged.