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Dec 4 '13 04:31

Gadget giant, Apple, opens its own new store in Haarlem on December, 7. It'll be the second official Apple Store in The Netherlands. The company opened its first store on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam.

Dec 3 '13 14:49

The Ministry of Development has faced eighty cases of fraud or abuse of aid funds over the last three years. The number of reports shows an increase from 21 in 2010, to 27 in 2011, and 31 in 2012.

Dec 3 '13 10:05

The Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University is one the best business schools in Europe.

Dec 3 '13 08:49

Following downgrade of the Netherlands’ credit rating to AA +, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has lowered the credit ratings of Dutch financial firm ING Groep NV and its banking unit.

Dec 2 '13 08:55

The European Banking Authority (EBA) on November 29 published a report on the remuneration of EU bank staff who received €1 million or more in total in 2012.

Dec 2 '13 08:32

Dutch book retailer Polare has decided to cut 75 jobs.

Nov 29 '13 12:41

Dutch airline KLM is planning to transfer all inter-European flights to its KLM Cityhopper subsidiary within next five years, according to Nos television.

Nov 29 '13 11:37

Standard & Poor's (S&P) downgraded the Netherlands credit rating to AA + from AAA.

Nov 29 '13 04:31

Netherlands has the best functioning health care system, according to the European Healthcare Index 2013 by a Swedish research institute, presented in Brussels on Thursday.

Nov 28 '13 15:53

ABN Amro initial public offering (IPO) can yield €25 billion, according to ABN Amro Chairman and CEO Gerrit Zalm.

Nov 28 '13 09:53

The European Commission has fined a group of four European North Sea shrimps traders a fine of €28.7 million for operating a cartel.

Nov 27 '13 15:24

Qatar will deploy Dutch technology for the development and production of solar panels.

Nov 27 '13 09:44

The Netherlands government awarded the Foreign Direct Investment Award to Ms. Li Minyan, general manager of China Certification and Inspection Group Europe, Xinhua News Agency reports.

Nov 27 '13 04:34

If it is up to the Minister of Finance, bonuses in the financial sector will be limited to up to 20 percent of the fixed salary, starting 2015. Minister of Finance, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, wrote this in a letter to Parliament, Tuesday afternoon.

Nov 26 '13 19:01

A proposal by the Labour Party and the ChristenUnie, to raise the income threshold for social housing, has been adopted by the House Tuesday.

Nov 26 '13 13:24

The courts are likely to make a decision in favor of flex workers, who go to court due to a legal conflict over contract, the Volkskrant reports.

Nov 26 '13 11:18

Babycare chain store Prènatal, and clothing chain Coolcat, say they have not refused to sign an accord amongst retailers to commit to better working conditions and safety for textile factory workers in Bangladesh. Along with discount shop Wibra, the two stores were targeted by Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen.

Nov 26 '13 09:39

Holland Casino is cutting 100 jobs at its headquarters part of a new strategy.

Nov 26 '13 04:40

In the future more space should be reserved ​​for cultural and journalistic productions in public broadcasting, according to D66 MP, Kees Verhoeven.

Nov 25 '13 20:40

Restaurant De Leest in Vaassen gets a third Michelin star, announced the organization behind the award.

Nov 25 '13 09:57

Lilianne Ploumen, minister for foreign trade and development cooperation, has criticized three Dutch textile companies for not signing agreements to provide workers in Bangladesh reasonable wages and safe environment.

Nov 22 '13 18:32

The Netherlands has become the world’s biggest exporter of tomatoes, surpassing Mexico, the AD reports.

Nov 22 '13 17:19

Dutch publishing firm Weekbladpers Concern Group will cut 100 jobs, RTL News reports.

Nov 22 '13 04:40

Of all EU Member States, the Netherlands spends the least on families and children as a proportion of its social spending, according to statistics by Eurostat, the European statistical office, published Thursday.