Academic fraud discovered at Leiden Univ. hospital


The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) discovered that one of their former researchers committed academic fraud. The researcher tampered with the results of DNA tests in two scientific articles, the hospital said in a statement. LUMC informed the publisher of the articles and asked that they be taken offline.

According to LUMC, no patients were involved in the studies and the researcher has been working for another university for some time.

The fraud was discovered when another researcher repeated the DNA tests and got vastly different results. This triggered an investigation which showed that the results were tampered with. "We are grateful to the PhD candidate who brought the manipulation to light", Pancras Hogendoorn, LUMC deacon and member of the Board of Directors, said in the statement. "Scientific integrity is our top priority. I find it essential to maintain the trust of patients, researchers and society."

The name of the employee involved was not disclosed. LUMC did inform his new employer about what happened.