New Twitter meme: #persieing


The spectacular header from Robin van Persie, which equalized The Netherlands with Spain 1-1 in Oranje's debut World Cup 2014 match has become a Twitter sensation with people mimicking Van Persie's graceful nose dive and calling it

The match was highly anticipated, and branded the 'revenge game'. It was an opportunity for The Netherlands to win back some glory after the 2010 World Cup finals in which Spain beat them 1-0. And revenge it was, five-fold.

The Dutch players not only won, but they surprised the entire world with which made the previous underdogs look like serious contenders to take the cup this year. Louis van Gaal's controversial 5-3-2 formation, which was untested, proved successful.

The first goal from the Dutch side was provided by Van Persie who dove head first into the grass to deliver a glorious header, which equalled the score. After that, Twitter exploded with people mimicking the footballer under the hashtag . Not only Dutch people, but also foreigners are taking part in the meme.